Sunday, April 22, 2012

More Stories Behind the Design-Victorian Bride's Purse

Victorian Bride's Purse
I have to confess, I'm not a sewer.  Now the world knows my secret.  When it comes to a sewing machine, I have fear and trepidation.  I  think it all started in 8th grade Home Ec.  I was scared silly of our teacher.  I remember when making a skirt in her class, she told me how to attach the waistband.  My mind was would I remember all (what seemed like to me) 52 steps of attaching this thing?  I couldn't ask her again...what would I do?  Well, I sat down and tried to figure it out on my own.  The only way I could think to do it was to attach it by hand sewing.  I completed the task and showed it to her.  She smiled, she said "that's correct", and then.....she saw one stitch that I hadn't hidden well enough.  Her next words made my heart stop...."  No, it was not a good day for me.
When it came to finishing the purse I was bound and determined to  figure it out on my own.  I started reading the instructions that came with the purse handles.  What's a gusset???  After a few attempts I decided it would not be wise to leave streaks of tears on my white purse and chose to take the purse and all the materials to EGA. Surely someone would take pity on me.
I explained my dilemna, then thought I would sweeten the offer.  "I'll clean your garage, I'll bathe your dog....would someone please help me with this?"  Immediately a hand shot up.  The young lady was 8 1/2 months pregnant. "My husband won't paint my toenails" she said. "You've got a deal" I responded.
Later as we talked I assured her that I would pay her for her time. Her response...."NO....I REALLY want my toenails painted!"
She did a beautiful job, and the purse went on to play a role in a very special upcoming wedding, that of our son and very beautiful daughter-in-law.
Special thanks to Alison Clarkson for her beautiful finishing work on the purse and for writing the finishing instructions.

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