Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tootsiebubbles: Pinwheels & Whirligigs

I've promised some photos of Pinwheels and Whirligigs in different colors. Thank you to Irene Ashkenas and Dorothy Lounsbury of San Diego.  They have done an incredible job proofing the last several designs. I truly appreciate their input and expertise. They've also stitched several of the designs and used some great colors. Pinwheels & Whirligigs is one of those designs and I just have to share them.
The photo above is Dorothy's color choice. Doesn't it look great?
This is Irenes.  Looks totally different in the softer colors.  I love the shades of purple.
During the online needlework show I received another photo from Helen Klimeck-Jones. She's not finished with it yet, but you can tell it's going to be very dramatic.

I have the lists of threads that were used in each of the designs. I would be happy to share them with anyone who contacts me.
Now on to the winners.  If you browsed the Needlework Show online last week you probably saw that there were several contests.
Here are the winners from my contest:
Julie Savard: Lancaster Stars
Kate Rice: Or Nue Evening Star
Cross Stitch Etc from Knowxville TN is stocking their new shop with Flower Patch
Looks like we'll be having some nasty weather the next few days.  The Governor of PA has advised us to stay home and be safe.  I guess I'll just have to stitch!

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